Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: The Love of a King (level 2)

Short description:

All he wanted to do was to marry the woman he loved. But his country said ‘No!’ He was Edward VIII, King of Great Britain, King of India, King of Australia, and King of thirty-nine other countries.
And he loved the wrong woman. She was beautiful and she loved him – but she was already married to another man. It was a love story that shook the world. The King had to choose: to be King, or to have love… and leave his country, never to return.



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    1. Archbishop (of Canterbury) the most important man in the Church of England
    2. argue to say that something is wrong or not true; not to agree with someone
    3. aunt the sister of your father or mother, or the wife of your uncle
    4. become (past tense became) to change and begin to be something
    5. bury (past tense buried) to put a dead person in the ground
    6. central heating a system to make a house warm
    7. ceremony a special programme at an important happening (e.g. a wedding)
    8. crown (n) a special ‘hat’ (usually made of gold, etc.) that a king or queen wears at important times
    9. dining room a room where people eat
    10. disappoint to make someone sad because the things they wanted do not happen
    11. divorce (v) to finish a marriage by law
    12. dream (n) something unreal; a picture in your head when you are asleep
    13. fall in love to begin to love somebody very much
    14. God the ‘person’ who made the world and controls all things
    15. heart the place in the body where people feel love
    16. jewellery rings, necklaces, etc. with valuable stones in them (e.g. diamonds)
    17. kiss (v) to touch someone with your mouth to show love
    18. kitchen a room where people cook food
    19. lie (v) to say something that you know is not true
    20. mirror a piece of special glass where you can see yourself
    21. prime minister the most important person in the government of a country
    22. return (v) to go or come back
    23. royal of a king or queen
    24. sad unhappy
    25. sir a polite word for a man when you speak to him
    26. truth something that is true
    27. uncle the brother of your mother or father, or the husband of your aunt
    28. war fighting between two or more countries
    29. weak not strong
    30. wedding the ceremony when people get married


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