Level CEFR Level Equivalent Exam Level Your ability
0 : Beginner 0 IELTS 1-2
TOEIC 0-150
You can speak and understand English in a very limited way.

In a few weeks:
be able to shop or travel with basic English. You will know the fundamentals of English pronunciation.
1 : Elementary A1 IELTS 2-3
TOEIC 151-300
You can understand language used in everyday situations if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly.

By the end of this level:
make simple sentences and reply to simple questions; talk about likes/dislikes, family and routines; order a meal in a restaurant/go shopping and understand and write basic text.
2 : Pre-Intermediate A2 IELTS 3-4
TOEFL iBT 0-31
TOEIC 301-400
You can communicate in a range of everyday social and travel contexts.

By the end of this level:
talk with confidence (go shopping, book a hotel room); make conversation in English; write & understand simple written text and understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary.
3 : Intermediate B1 IELTS 4-5
TOEFL iBT 31-34
TOEIC 401-525
You can speak English with some confidence.

By the end of this level:
take part in routine conversations; write & understand simple written text; make notes & understand most of the general meaning of lectures, meetings, TV programmes and extract basic information from a written document.
4 : Upper intermediate B2 IELTS 5-6
TOEFL iBT 35-59
TOEIC 526-750
You can use English effectively.

By the end of this level:
take part in extended conversations; write & understand most text, including a simple essay; understand most of a TV programme, presentation or lecture, but not technical or theoretical information.
5 : Advanced C1 IELTS 6-7
TOEFL iBT 60-93
TOEIC 751-900
You can use English in a range of culturally appropriate ways.

By the end of this level:
take part in lengthy conversations & discussions; write and understand most text including formal, academic and professional documents; easily understand TV, plays, films, lectures and presentations.
6 : Proficient C2 IELTS 7-8
TOEFL iBT 94-109
TOEIC 901+
You can use English with ease and fluency.

To improve:
Increase your understanding of the nuances of the language and engage in independent reading to develop your vocabulary further.