365 Sentences Crazy – Unit 02


    14Can I take a message?
    15Can I take a rain check?
    16Can I take your order?
    17Can you give me a wake-up call.
    18Can you give me some feedback?
    19Can you make it?
    20Can I have a word with you?
    21Cath me later.
    22Cheer up!
    23Come in and make yourself at home.
    24Could I have the bill, please?
    25Could you drop me off at the airport?
    26Could you speak slower?
    27Could you take a picture for me.
    28Did you enjoy your flight?
    29Did you have a good day today?
    30Did you have a nice holiday?
    31Did you have fun?
    32Dinner is on me..
    33Do you have a room available?
    34Do you have any hobbies?
    35Do you have some change?
    36Do you mind my smoking?
    37Do you often work out?
    38Do you speak English?
    39Don’t be so modest.