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365 Sentences Crazy – Unit 02



14 Can I take a message?
15 Can I take a rain check?
16 Can I take your order?
17 Can you give me a wake-up call.
18 Can you give me some feedback?
19 Can you make it?
20 Can I have a word with you?
21 Catch me later.
22 Cheer up!
23 Come in and make yourself at home.
24 Could I have the bill, please?
25 Could you drop me off at the airport?
26 Could you speak slower?
27 Could you take a picture for me.
28 Did you enjoy your flight?
29 Did you have a good day today?
30 Did you have a nice holiday?
31 Did you have fun?
32 Dinner is on me..
33 Do you have a room available?
34 Do you have any hobbies?
35 Do you have some change?
36 Do you mind my smoking?
37 Do you often work out?
38 Do you speak English?
39 Don’t be so modest.