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400 Sentences Crazy – Unit 08



145 You’ve got a great smile.
146 Thanks for the compliment!
147 What do you think of this place?
148 Shall we go somewhere else?
149 I know a good place.
150 Can I kiss you?
151 Can I walk you home?
152 Can I drive you home?
153 Would you like to come in for a coffee?
154 Thanks, I had a great evening.
155 When can I see you again?
156 I’ll call you.
157 I enjoy spending time with you.
158 I find you very attractive.
159 Will you marry me?
160 Are you up to anything this evening?
161 Have you got any plans for this evening.
162 What would you like to do this evening?
163 Do you want to go somewhere at the weekend?
164 Would you like to join me for something to eat?