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400 Sentences Crazy – Unit 13



245 How long will I have to wait?
246 How long will it be?
247 Where would you like to go?
248 Could you take me to the city centre?
249 Could you pick me up here at 6 o’clock.
250 Could you wait for me here?
251 What time’s the next bus to Camden?
252 When will you be coming back?
253 Do you mind if I open the window?
254 I feel seasick.
255 Can you recommend any good hotel?
256 How many stars does it have?
257 How much do you want to pay?
258 Do you have any vacancies?
259 What sort of room would you like?
260 I’d like a double room.
261 Can you offer me any discount?
262 Could I see the room?
263 Where are the lifts?
264 I’d like to check out.