900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 13



    Lesson 13. REQUESTS.
    181 I keep asking her to turn down her music.
    182 It’s a small request.
    183 She has to turn it down.
    184 I’m just requesting that you keep him in your yard.
    185 I need to borrow your computer.
    186 Can I see that book?
    187 Could you move over a little bit?
    188 You’re requested to be in court next week.
    189 My request for a raise was rejected.
    190 Can I make one small request?
    191 That’s a pretty big request.
    192 Why don’t you just request some help at work?
    193 This is one of the most requested songs on the radio.
    194 Could you give me a hand with this box?
    195 Would you mind being a little bit quieter?