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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 26



376 When was the Declaration of Independence?
377 Our spring break is from April 2 to April 16.
378 What’s tomorrow’s date?
379 Tomorrow is November 25.
380 The convention starts on the 24th of March.
381 I have to complete my taxes by April 15th.
382 Rent is due by the first of every month.
383 School starts on the 23rd.
384 We have 3 days left until the 4th of July.
385 Is the 30th on a Monday?
386 This office will be closed for the holidays.
387 The last game will be on the 9th of March.
388 My birthday is on May 19th.
389 I have to finish this essay by next Tuesday~.
390 I leave for Germany⑾ on the 11th of next month.