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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 41



Lesson 41. ON THE CAMPUS.
604 I was going over to the library to study.
605 I won’t get any studying done there at all.
606 I’m trying to finish the reading assignment for our physics class.
607 I’ve got to start preparing tonight.
608 The problem is that I missed two days of class last week.
609 I’ve got to go to baseball practice.
610 Are you going to the class meeting later?
611 How many classes have you missed so far?
612 He’s involved in too many sports and activities.
613 I’m going to the gym for a little bit.
614 What are you writing about for your class paper?
615 I’ve got to go meet a professor.
616 Do you want to study together?
617 I’m going to get some coffee in the dining hall.
618 The dean wants to meet my parents.