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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 57



Lesson 57. AT THE GYM.
845 Don’t you look at yourself in the mirror too?
846 They must work out all the time.
847 Why do you go to the gym so much?
848 It’s good for me to be healthy.
849 It’s never good to put such a high value on appearances.
850 My muscles feel numb.
851 I can’t move a muscle.
852 I’m exhausted.
853 I’m going to spend a few more minutes on the exercise bike.
854 It’s too crowded in the gym at night.
855 Someone needs to fix the leg press machine.
856 I’m going to relax in the sauna.
857 How many more exercises do you have to do?
858 How often do you work out?
859 He’s a firefighter, so he has to exercise often.