900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 60


    Lesson 60. AT HOME.
    890You’re always on the phone with your mom for hours.
    891I’m not dressed.
    892I need you to do me one more favor.
    893It’s becoming really messy in there.
    894It’s your turn to cut the grass.
    895I’ll take the dog out for a walk.
    896You need to clean the floor this afternoon.
    897The refrigerator light isn’t working.
    898We’re almost out of toothpaste.
    899I just want to relax and watch TV after work.
    900What’s for dinner tonight?
    901I don’t feel like cooking tonight.
    902I spent most of the afternoon taking a nap.
    903Your parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow.
    904Have you met our new neighbors across the street?