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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 15



Lesson 15: Dating
214 Are those two still seeing each other?
215 Would you like to get dinner sometime?
216 I’m sorry but I’m seeing someone.
217 Have you met my girlfriend?
218 Their relationship is having some problems right now.
219 I don’t want to commit to one person right now.
220 I think we should see other people.
221 Are you breaking up with me?
222 We should just be friends.
223 I’m not interested in dating right now.
224 Can I go out on a date?
225 I’m really glad you asked me out.
226 I’m a little nervous since this is our first date.
227 Why don’t you let me pay since you bought the dance tickets?
228 I was wondering if you had a date to the party next week.