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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 21



Lesson 21: Love and Passion
304 I don’t tell you I love you enough.
305 My first love was when I was in high school.
306 I hate being alone on Valentine’s Day.
307 He thinks he’s falling in love with her.
308 Love means different things to different people.
309 It’s easy to get hurt by people you love.
310 I’m in love with someone else.
311 Love can break your heart.
312 He’s in love only with himself.
313 Marriages in the past often were without love.
314 You look like you are floating on cloud nine.
315 I guess it was fate working to bring you together.
316 You can’t possibly love everything about a person.
317 Just wait until you get to know him a bit longer, then you might find some things about him that get on your nerves.
318 Right now, you see him through rose colored glasses but later you will be able to see him as he is.