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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 24



Lesson 24: Optimism
349 I’ve got high hopes for this experiment.
350 I’m confident we’ll win this game.
351 Joe’s always an optimist.
352 You seem pretty optimistic about your chances.
353 Why are you so optimistic after what just happened?
354 Optimism comes from hope.
355 Optimists always say the glass is half full, not half empty.
356 I’m not very optimistic about this new restaurant.
357 The investors are optimistic about our company’s future.
358 Optimism is a healthy outlook on life.
359 I will deal with that if it happens, but until then I’m going to hope for the best.
360 It would be better to just try to calm down.
361 Lots of people believe if you are optimistic, better things will happen to you.
362 In the end, you will always be happier if you have pleasant thoughts and lots of hope.
363 Tomorrow has to be better, because it can’t possibly be worse than today.