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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 40



Lesson 40: Fear
589 Dogs terrify me.
590 I’m scared of heights.
591 He’s too afraid of getting hurt.
592 Something has given him a bad fright.
593 That man’s eyes frighten me.
594 That movie was terrifying.
595 I’m still afraid of the dark.
596 Drowning is one of my greatest fears.
597 I’m not afraid to say what I think.
598 Don’t be frightened by the noises.
599 If you turn off the lights, the monster will come out from underneath my bed.
600 It will come out and eat me if you turn off the lights.
601 I freak out every time I see a bug.
602 Have you ever tried to overcome your fear?
603 One day you will have to face your fear.