A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True
learn english through story A Dream Come True
When you reach sixteen in the UK you can leave school. But you can continue your education for two more years and pass advanced level exams (“A level”). Young people have to choose subjects to study. They have a choice: to study for a future career or just for fun.

Usually many teenagers try to find a job to earn some money on holiday and at the weekends. Ellie has an ordinary teenager’s life. She is seventeen and works at her father’s shop. She tries to pass the exams at school. Ellie has something special apart from her contemporaries. She loves music and dreams to be a singer.

Her favorite singer Murphy will come to Glastonbury with a music program. Ellie won’t be able to go to the concert because of her study and work. Ellie was in despair and was going to give up. However, the music shop announced a competition…



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