learn english through story London
Come with us to London – a city as old as the Romans, and as new as the twenty-first century. There are places to go – from Oxford Street to Westminster Abbey, from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to Wimbledon Tennis Club. And things to do – ride on the London Eye, visit the markets, go to the theatre, run in the London Marathon.
Big, beautiful, noisy, exciting – that’s London.


  1. Act: to be in a play or film.
  2. Bank: a place where you keep money.
  3. Cathedral: a big, important church.
  4. Church: a building where people go to talk and sing to God.
  5. Destroy: break something so that you can’t use it again.
  6. fall down: move quickly down to the ground.
  7. Fire: something hot that destroys things.
  8. Food: the things we eat.
  9. Gallery: rooms where you can go to look at pictures.
  10. Government: the people who say what must happen in a country.
  11. King: the most important man in a country (often husband of a queen).
  12. Market: a place in the street where you can buy and sell things.
  13. Museum: a building to keep beautiful, old and interesting things for people to look at.
  14. Music: a nice noise to listen to when people sing or play something.
  15. Park: a place where there are trees and grass, and where people can walk and sit.
  16. Place: where something or someone is.
  17. Pub: a building where people drink and talk to their friends.
  18. Queen: the most important woman in a country (often wife of a king}.
  19. Soldier: a man or woman who fights for their country.
  20. Speak: say something.
  21. Theatre: a building where you can see plays and hear music.
  22. World: all seas and countries are on it, and all people and animals live on it.



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