Love or Money

Love or Money
learn english through story love or money
It is Molly Clarkson’s fiftieth birthday. She is having a party. She is rich, but she is having a small party – only four people. Four people, however, who all need the same thing: they need her money. She will not give them the money, so they are waiting for her to die. And there are other people who are also waiting for her to die.

But one person can’t wait. And so, on her fiftieth birthday, Molly Clarkson is going to die.


  1. Aunt: the sister of your father or mother, or the wife of your uncle.
  2. Build: to make a house or a building
  3. Club: a number of people who meet because they are interested in the same thing (e.g. a tennis club)
  4. Cup: a thing to put drinks in
  5. Empty: with nothing in it
  6. Farm: land and buildings where people grow things to eat and keep animals for food.
  7. Find out: to ask questions and learn about something
  8. Inspector: an important policeman or policewoman
  9. Job: when you work and get money for it, you have a job
  10. Kitchen: a room where people make breakfast, dinner, tec.
  11. Land: ground (not water – sea, rivers, tec.)
  12. Lie: to say something that is not true.
  13. Murder: killing someone (not in an accident)
  14. Murderer: somebody who murders
  15. Police: people who look for bad people
  16. Ring (past tense rang) to make a sound like a bell (e.g. a telephone rings)
  17. Sell: to give something to someone and they give you money for it
  18. Sergeant: a policeman or a policewoman
  19. Tablet: a doctor gives you tablets to eat and you feel better
  20. Trouble: something bad, or difficult, or unhappy
  21. Uncle: the brother of your mother or father, or the husband of your aunt
  22. Wine: a cold drink made from grapes


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