Police TV

Police TV

‘Every day someone steals money from people near the shops. We must stop this,’ says Dan, a police officer.

The police use TV cameras but it is not easy because there are so many suspects – who is the robber?



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  1. arrest: when the police find a bad man and take him to the police station
  2. bridge: a road or path that goes over water
  3. buy: get something from a ship with money
  4. cafe: a place where you sit and drink coffee or tea
  5. dangerous: something that can hurt you is dangerous
  6. follow: walk behind someone
  7. idea: something you think
  8. jogger: a runner
  9. let: make it easy for something to happen
  10. officer: a man or woman in the police
  11. purse: a small bag for money
  12. shout: talk very loudly and angrily
  13. steal: take something that is not yours
  14. turn: go left or right


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