Silas Marner

Silas Marner
Silas Marner
In a hole under the floorboards Silas Marner the linen-weaver keeps his gold. Every day he works hard at his weaving, and every night he takes the gold out and holds the bright coins lovingly, feeling them and counting them again and again.
The villagers are afraid of him and he has no family, no friends. Only the gold is his friend, his delight, his reason for living. But what if a thief should come in the night and take his gold away? What will Silas do then? What could possibly comfort him for the loss of his only friend?


  1. absence being away or absent
  2. adopt to take another person’s child into your family to become your own child
  3. bitter feeling disappointed and angry
  4. blush (v and n) to become red in the face when ashamed or shy
  5. butcher someone whose job is to cut and sell meat
  6. carol a song usually sung at Christmas
  7. chapel a room or building used for religious meetings
  8. cheerful feeling happy or causing other people to feel happy
  9. confess to tell the truth about something you have done wrong
  10. cottage a small, simple house, usually in the country
  11. curl (n) a piece of hair that grows round and round, in rings
  12. dairy a place where milk is kept and butter, cheese, etc. are made
  13. devil the enemy of God, or a bad, evil person
  14. drain (v) to make land dryer by causing the water to run off it
  15. draw lots to decide something by taking pieces of paper (with numbers or writing on them) out of a covered box
  16. duty something you feel you have to do because it is right
  17. engaged having promised to marry someone
  18. evil (adj and n) very bad or wrong
  19. farrier someone who puts new shoes on horses
  20. firm (adj) strong and determined
  21. fit (n) a sudden illness, when a person is unconscious for a time
  22. forgive to say or show that you are not angry with someone
  23. gamble (v) to play games of chance (e.g. card games) for money
  24. gentleman a man of good family, usually rich
  25. gin a strong, colourless alcoholic drink
  26. guilt a feeling that you have done wrong
  27. hunt (v and n) to chase and kill wild animals
  28. landlord a man who controls a public house
  29. linen a special kind of cloth (more like cotton than wool)
  30. loom a machine for weaving cloth
  31. Master a title used for an experienced workman (not used now)
  32. minister a religious leader (e.g. a chapel minister)
  33. moan (v) to make a long, sad sound that shows you are unhappy
  34. New Year’s Eve 31st December, the day before the New Year
  35. orphan a child whose parents are dead
  36. pedlar a person who travels from place to place selling things
  37. pile (n) a lot of things on top of one another
  38. poacher a person who catches animals from other people’s land
  39. porridge a cooked breakfast cereal, eaten hot
  40. power being able to do something (sometimes unusual things)
  41. quarry a place where stone, sand, etc. are taken out of the ground
  42. relieved glad that a problem has gone away
  43. religion (adj
  44. religious) a belief in a god or gods, and the different ways of showing the belief
  45. scornful feeling strongly that something or someone is worthless
  46. service a religious meeting in a church or chapel
  47. shortsighted being able to see clearly only things that are close
  48. soul the part of us that some people believe does not die
  49. Squire the title for the most important gentleman or landowner in a country area (not used now)
  50. suspicious not believing or trusting someone
  51. toddle (of a very young child) to walk with short uncertain steps
  52. trust (v and n) to feel sure that someone is good, right, honest, etc.
  53. vicar a priest in the Church of England
  54. weak not strong, easily persuaded
  55. weave to make cloth using a loom



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