The Fifteenth Character

The Fifteenth Character

It’s an interesting job,’ says Sally about her work at Happy Hills. And today is a very exciting day because Zapp the famous singer is coming.

Everybody is having a wonderful time. But suddenly something goes very, very wrong.


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  1. break a time when people can stop work to have tea or coffee
  2. canteen a room where workers eat and drink
  3. character a person or animal in a story or film
  4. concert a time when someone plays or sings in a big room for a lot of people
  5. costume special clothes
  6. count (vb) number objects or people
  7. famous (adj) someone who many people know is famous
  8. hall a big room where someone sings or plays music for a lot of people
  9. holiday a time when we do not go to work
  10. invitation a letter asking someone to come to a party or concert
  11. job work that people do for money
  12. list a lot of names on a piece of paper
  13. miaow the sound a cat makes
  14. pocket a place in your shirt or trousers where you can put things
  15. song something that people sing
  16. spray send out water through the air


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