World Wonders

World Wonders
World Wonders
What are the most beautiful, the most interesting, the most wonderful things in the world? The Great Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, the Panama Canal – everyone has their favourites. And there are natural wonders too – Mount Everest, Niagara Falls, and the Northern Lights, for example.

Here is one person’s choice of eleven wonders. Some of them are made by people, and others are natural. Everyone knows the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef – but what about the Iguazú Falls, or the old city of Petra?
Come and discover new wonders …


  1. Buddhist: (n & adj) following the teachings of Buddha
  2. calcium carbonate: (CaCO3) something solid and white that is found in chalk and some kinds of stone
  3. camel: a large animal with a long neck that carries people and things in hot dry places
  4. canal: a long narrow passage that carries water
  5. cherry tree: a tree with beautiful pink or white flowers
  6. city: a big and important town; capital city the most important city in a country
  7. column: a tall piece of stone or wood that is part of a building
  8. cool: a little cold; between warm and cold
  9. cubic metre: the volume of something that is 1 metre long, 1 metre wide, and 1 metre high (m3)
  10. dam: a wall that is built across a river to hold the water back
  11. defend: to fight to keep away people or things that attack
  12. destroy: when something is destroyed, it is dead and finished (e.g. fire destroys a forest)
  13. earth: the world; the planet that we live on
  14. earthquake: a sudden strong shaking of the ground
  15. electricity: power that makes machines work and can make heat and light
  16. elephant: a very big wild animal with a long nose that hangs down
  17. entrance: the door or opening where you go into a place
  18. flag: a piece of cloth with a special pattern on it; every country has its flag
  19. flat: (adj) smooth, with no parts higher or lower than the rest
  20. forest: a large area of land covered with trees
  21. gazelle: a small animal like a deer that can run very fast
  22. god: a spirit that people believe has power over them and nature
  23. grass: a plant with thin green leaves that grows on the ground
  24. grow: to get bigger; (of a plant) to exist in a particular place
  25. harbour: a place where ships can stay safely in the water
  26. Hindu: belonging to the religion of Hinduism
  27. hyena: a wild animal like a dog that eats dead animals
  28. jaguar: a large wild cat with black spots
  29. kind: a group of things that are the same in some way
  30. king: the most important man in a country
  31. land: the part of the earth that is not the sea; a piece of ground
  32. line: a long thin mark like this _
  33. magnetic: able to attract things made of iron;
  34. magnetic field: an area with a magnetic force
  35. moss: a very small green plant that grows in wet places
  36. Muslim: following the religion of Islam
  37. nail: a thin piece of metal that holds pieces of wood together
  38. natural: made by nature, not by people
  39. park: a large place with trees and gardens where people can walk
  40. particle: a very small piece of something
  41. pink: with a light red colour
  42. prayer: words that you say to God or a god
  43. rare: not found very often
  44. rock: something very hard that is found in the ground
  45. shadow: a dark shape that something makes on the ground when it is between the sun and the ground
  46. snake: an animal with a long thin body and no legs
  47. spice: a small part of a plant that you put in food to make it taste good
  48. sport: a game like football, tennis etc.
  49. statue: a model of a person, made from stone or metal
  50. telegraph: a way of sending messages along wires using electricity
  51. temple: a building where people worship a god or gods
  52. terracotta: a red-brown earth that is cooked to make it hard
  53. treasure: something that is worth a lot of money;
  54. treasury: a place where valuable things are kept
  55. weapon: something that you use to fight with
  56. wildebeest: a large wild animal with curved horns
  57. zebra: a wild animal like a horse with black and white stripes on its body



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