Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp

Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp

In a city in Arabia there lives a boy called Aladdin. He is poor and often hungry, but one day he finds an old lamp. When he rubs the lamp, smoke comes out of it, and then out of the smoke comes a magical jinnee.

With the jinnee’s help, Aladdin is soon rich, with gold and jewels and many fine things. But can he win the love of the Sultan’s daughter, the beautiful Princess Badr-al-Budur?


  1. abracadabra: a magic word
  2. jinnee: a supernatural, magic spirit in Arabic stories
  3. lazy: a lazy person does not want to work
  4. magic: when strange, exciting, unusual things happen
  5. magician: a man in stories who can do magic
  6. marry: to take somebody as your husband or wife
  7. master: a man who gives orders to servants and slaves
  8. mistress: a woman who gives orders to servants and slaves
  9. obey: to do what somebody tells you
  10. poor: with very little money; not rich
  11. protect: to keep somebody (or something) safe
  12. slave: a worker who belongs to another person and who must work for that person for no money
  13. sleeping-powder: something which makes you sleep
  14. Sultan: a king; the most important man in an eastern country
  15. surprised: when something new, strange, or sudden happens, you are surprised
  16. uncle: the brother of your mother or father
  17. unhappy: not happy
  18. Vizier: an important man in an eastern country
  19. wish: something you want
  20. Your Majesty: when you speak to a Sultan, a King, or a Queen, you say ‘Your Majesty’


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