The Tales from the Arabian Nights

The Tales from the Arabian Nights
The Tales from the Arabian Night
The wounded heart of the Sultan Shahriar didn’t know any mercy. Betrayed by his beloved wife, he hated all women in the world. Every day he took a new wife into his bedroom and every night, their heads were cut off. It was a strange way to protect himself from the pain in his heart again. A search of a new wife became an unsolvable problem for sultan’s vizier during the time. Anxious parents hid or sent away their daughters as far as possible from the cruel governor. The vizier started to worry about his own life when almost no young women left. One of his two daughters, Sheherazade asked his father to make her the new Sultan’s wife. At first, the worried father refused to satisfy his daughter’s desire, but she convinced him she had a very genius plan.


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