400 Sentences Crazy – Unit 02


    22 I’m on holiday
    23 I’m on business.
    24 Why did you come to the UK?
    25 I came here to work.
    26 I came here to study.
    27 I wanted to live abroad.
    28 How long have you lived here?
    29 I’ve only just arrived.
    30 A few months.
    31 Just over two years.
    32 How long are you planning to stay here.
    33 Another year.
    34 Do you like it here?
    35 I like it a lot.
    36 What do you like about it?
    37 I like the food.
    38 I like the weather.
    39 I like the people.
    40 When’s your birthday?
    41 Who do you live with?