400 Sentences Crazy – Unit 03



    42 Do you live with anybody?
    43 I live with a friend.
    44 Do you live on your own?
    45 I share with one other person.
    46 What’s your email address?
    47 Could I take your phone number?
    48 Are you on Facebook?
    49 Do you have any brothers or sisters?
    50 Yes, I’ve got a brother.
    51 No, I’m an only child.
    52 Do you have any children?
    53 I don’t have any children.
    54 Do you have any grandchildren?
    55 Are your parents still alive?
    56 Where do your parents alive?
    57 What does your father do?
    58 Do you have a boyfriend?
    59 Are you seeing anyone?
    60 I’m seeing someone.
    61 What are their names?
    62 They’re called Neil and Anna.
    63 What’s his name?