400 Sentences Crazy – Unit 16



    305 What time do you close?
    306 Can I take photographs?
    307 I’ve got flu.
    308 I’m going to be sick.
    309 My feet are hurting.
    310 How are you feeling?
    311 Are you feeling any better?
    312 I hope you feel better soon.
    313 I need to see a doctor.
    314 I think you should go and see a doctor.
    315 How long have you worked here?
    316 I’m going out for lunch.
    317 I’ll be back at 1.30.
    318 How do you get to work?
    319 What time does the meeting start?
    320 What time does the meeting finish?
    321 Can I see the report?
    322 I saw your advert in the paper.
    323 What are the hours of work?
    324 Will I have to work shifts?