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400 Sentences Crazy – Unit 17



325 How much does the job pay?
326 How many weeks’ holiday a year are there?
327 I’d like to take the job.
328 When do you want me to start?
329 We’d like to invite you for an interview.
330 This is the job description.
331 Have you got any experience?
332 Have you got any qualifications?
333 We need someone with experience.
334 What qualifications have you got?
335 This is your employment contract.
336 Could I speak to Bill , please?
337 Speaking!
338 Who’s calling?
339 I’ll put him on.
340 Would you like to leave a message?
341 Could you ask him to call me?
342 Is it convenient to talk at the moment?
343 My battery’s about to run out.
344 I’m about to run out of credit.