400 Sentences Crazy – Unit 18



    345 I’ll send you a text.
    346 Could I borrow your phone, please?
    347 I’d like a phonecard, please.
    348 Look forward to seeing you soon!
    349 Where did you learn your English?
    350 I taught myself.
    351 How do you pronounce this word?
    352 I don’t mind.
    353 Anything else?
    354 Are you afraid?
    355 Are you waiting for someone?
    356 Are you working Tomorrow?
    357 At what time did it happen?
    358 What are you thinking about?
    359 What did you do last night?
    360 What does he do for work?
    361 What time did you get up?
    362 What time does it start?
    363 When will he be back?
    364 Why did you do that?