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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 33



481 Where are you going?
482 What are you doing now?
483 I don’t have to shave every day.
484 I usually take too long eating breakfast.
485 If I don’t eat breakfast, then I don’t have enough energy during the day.
486 I’ve got to go brush my teeth.
487 I don’t have time to take a shower now.
488 I never have time for lunch at work.
489 Everyday I have to drive 40 minutes to work.
490 Did the mail come today?
491 Have you seen today’s paper?
492 I watch the news every night.
493 I like to exercise in the morning.
494 Most nights I just go out to eat.
495 Did you take the dog for a walk?
496 Did you have a good day at work?