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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 34



497 It kind of reminds me of that trip we took with Mom and Dad to Canada.
498 I don’t remember how cold it was though.
499 Where exactly did we go in Canada?
500 How could I possibly forget?
501 I didn’t run out of money.
502 I used to like surfing.
503 I once had a fever for almost a week.
504 I broke my leg skiing five years ago.
505 This reminds me of my trip to France.
506 I’ve only been on an airplane once.
507 I used to live in Mexico.
508 I got in a car accident last year.
509 My dog saved my life one time.
510 I spent 3 years in the army.
511 I loved to go fishing with my dad.
512 I once went skydiving with my friend.