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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 35



513 I think we’re going to save some extra money this year.
514 What language are you going to study?
515 Then don’t complain to me when Spanish gets boring.
516 What are you doing later this week?
517 Are you still planning to go to medical school?
518 I want to buy a dog.
519 I’m going to switch job soon.
520 We’re like to send our daughter to a private school.
521 I hope to get good grades this year.
522 I will be moving in six months.
523 I’m going to study Chinese next year.
524 I want to work for my dad’s company.
525 My parents are going on vacation next month.
526 In two years, I will finish medical school.
527 My wife wants to buy a new car.