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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 51



Lesson 51. AT THE HOTEL.
755 Welcome to the Comfort Hotel.
756 I just need a room for two.
757 Do you have any vacancies ?
758 One double bed will be fine.
759 Would you like a discount on your room charge?
760 I’m like a wake-up call.
761 Would you like some help with your bags?
762 We don’t allow pets in our rooms.
763 Fresh towels are in the bathroom.
764 Room service can be called at the front desk.
765 Do you want a single or double bed?
766 The elevator is at the end of the hall.
767 Outside calls will be added to your bill.
768 I don’t have any hot water in my room.
769 I need a taxi to the airport.