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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 52



Lesson 52. AT THE OFFICE.
770 Please have a seat.
771 How do you feel about working on weekends?
772 The yacht market is slow this time of the year.
773 You haven’t made a single sale in the past 3 weeks.
774 I’ll try to help you make a dent in some of that work.
775 How does this fax machine work?
776 Is the repairman coming to fix the photocopier?
777 I’m going on a break to get some coffee.
778 These accounts need to be paid immediately .
779 I heard there’re going to lay off some people this quarter.
780 Sales have gone way up this month.
781 I left the papers on my desk.
782 We need to cut costs somewhere in this office.
783 Has the outgoing mail left for the day?
784 Can someone answer that phone?