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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 53



Lesson 53. AT THE BUS STOP.
785 Do you know what bus leads to Memorial Stadium?
786 There should be a bus stop right at the Stadium.
787 Do you know what bus is going to the theater?
788 It’s about 3 stops from here-maybe 15 minutes.
789 This says the last bus leaves at 9:45.
790 Our bus is late.
791 That bus is too crowded to board.
792 Can you read the bus schedule on that sign?
793 The benches are too wet to sit on.
794 That bus needs some new brakes.
795 The exhaust fumes are choking me.
796 How much is the fare for the bus?
797 There are no seats left on the bus.
798 Can you give me change for the bus?
799 Is this bus going uptown?