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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 54



Lesson 54. AT THE AIRPORT.
800 Thank you for flying with Skyway Airlines.
801 May I see your ticket, please?
802 My shoulder bag is carry-on luggage.
803 Boarding will begin in about 30 minutes.
804 When does your flight land?
805 What terminal am I leaving from?
806 The security check is going to take a while.
807 I hope the X-ray machine doesn’t damage my film.
808 Don’t even joke about having a bomb or a gun.
809 This is going to be a long flight.
810 The arrival time has been delayed due to bad weather.
811 That bag is too heavy to be carry-on luggage.
812 Where is the baggage claim area?
813 This is your boarding pass.
814 May I see your passport?