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900 Crazy English (Basic) – Unit 55



815 It should be here in the next two or three minutes.
816 It’s just getting on my nerves.
817 When does the next train leave for New Orleans ?
818 I’ve got kind of a problem.
819 There are Tri-State Rail System trains leaving every half hour for the city.
820 This is a new section of railroad track.
821 The Northeast corridor is the busiest section of the country for train travel.
822 That’s the last call to board the train.
823 I think I hear the train coming.
824 I hope I get a window seat.
825 Why do these trains always leave at the end of the day?
826 I bought my tickets over the phone.
827 I want to buy a ticket for Denver to Los Angeles.
828 Have you seen our conductor ?
829 I’m going to get a drink from the dining car.