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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 04



Lesson 4: Shopping
47 She went out to buy a new dress.
48 He had to go return a gift to the store.
49 I need to buy a new umbrella.
50 They have sold out of the brand that I like.
51 Do you have any shoes in my size?
52 There are the best electronics store in the city.
53 I hate shopping on Saturday mornings.
54 Where can I find dog food in this store?
55 How much does this cost?
56 Are these items on sale?
57 Do you think this dress is too expensive?
58 It’s pretty formal and I don’t have many opportunities to dress up.
59 Do you think this sweater will look good on me?
60 What length of skirt are you looking to buy?
61 I’ll try to see if they are any in my price range.