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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 05



Lesson 5: Job Hunting
62 I’ve got a job interview today.
63 Are you hiring right now?
64 Are you taking applications?
65 I’ve applied to six companies so far.
66 He’s looking for a job with better pay.
67 Do you have any experience in this field?
68 Where did you last work?
69 What was your last job?
70 Do you work well with other people?
71 I really need this job.
72 I graduated at the top of my class from Harvard Law School. I concentrated in business law.
73 Your business has a very good reputation for rewarding its employees that work hard and well.
74 I am very responsible and will work long hours to make sure that my work is done on time and correctly.
75 I believe that you are just the kind of person we would like to hire.
76 Direct eye contact reassures the person that you are confident and honest.