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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 06



Lesson 6: House Hunting
77 It will be easier to get a house after we are married.
78 How much is this house worth?
79 This house just needs a few repairs.
80 I love the neighborhood around here.
81 We need a house with a two-car garage.
82 We should fix the front door before we sell the house.
83 I’ll call the real estate office right now.
84 Should we rent or buy a house?
85 I like how that roof looks.
86 Does this house have a basement?
87 I found a couple of possibilities in the homes for sale category of the newspaper.
88 Our lease of our apartment is almost up.
89 I’m sure that we will find one before our lease ends.
90 How much longer will it take to get through all the red tape?
91 The seller has already moved out so you can move in as soon as the paperwork is signed at the end of the week.