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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 08



Lesson 8: Sports
107 Everyone is watching the World Cup right now.
108 Soccer is the American word for football.
109 I’m tired after this afternoon’s game.
110 The referee should have called a foul.
111 Pass me the ball.
112 I have to run faster.
113 Do you think we can still win?
114 This team has practiced hard all season.
115 I hurt my ankle in the last game.
116 Aren’t you worried that coach is going to cut you from the team?
117 You are the star wide receiver and I don’t know if we could win if we lost you.
118 What do you think our chances are of going to the championships?
119 I prefer sports where people have to work as a team, instead of fighting.
120 Boxers train very hard for many years in order to be in the Olympics.
121 In a team sport, one person cannot take all the credit.