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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 09



Lesson 9: Holiday and Vacations
122 Let’s go to the beach for the long weekend.
123 My school has 3 weeks for winter vacation.
124 I went to Thailand for vacation.
125 My favorite holiday is Christmas.
126 The holiday season runs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day in America.
127 My whole family goes on vacation together.
128 We are meeting at my grandparents’ house on Christmas.
129 I really could use a vacation this year.
130 Air flights cost more during the holidays.
131 We can’t afford a vacation right now.
132 We had a barbecue for the holiday.
133 We have a family tradition of gathering at my grandparents’ home for dinner.
134 I guess I’d better get out the Christmas ornaments.
135 That’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas,
136 the children’s surprised faces when they open their presents under the tree on Christmas morning.
137 Aren’t you excited about the coming summer vacation?