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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 10



Lesson 10: Traveling
138 Why can’t I get return tickets for the train?
139 I’ve already booked our flight for next month.
140 My wallet was stolen in Mexico.
141 I need to get a new passport.
142 Do you speak English?
143 He packed too much for this trip.
144 Do you know the way to the airport?
145 I have some great pictures from my trip to Egypt.
146 I don’t think they have any more tickets for this bus.
147 It’s not safe to go to that country right now.
148 Are you a tourist here in France?
149 France is known all over the world for its food. Have you tried any?
150 How long will you be visiting France?
151 You cannot visit France without seeing its most famous city.
152 I hope you enjoy your stay.