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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 12



Lesson 12: Radio and Television
168 Could you change the channel?
169 If we don’t hurry, I’ll miss my favorite channel.
170 His aunt used to be a star on TV.
171 The radio in my car doesn’t work very well.
172 I just ordered cable service for my TV.
173 What’s on TV tonight?
174 Don’t talk during the show please.
175 They play this song all the time on the radio now.
176 There’s nothing good on TV tonight.
177 Stop watching TV and go do something outside.
178 Could you turn down the car radio?
179 Some are quite informative on many different subjects and others are just funny.
180 I don’t even like it when radio stations break for commercials.
181 Sitting in front of the television all day is really unhealthy.
182 You’re getting no exercise and watching the screen for so long is ruining your eyesight.