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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 13



Lesson 13: Newspapers and Magazines
183 This newspaper is very liberal in its opinions.
184 I read the paper online every morning.
185 He just got a subscription to that magazine.
186 The pictures are good, but the magazine articles aren’t very interesting.
187 The newspaper has a lot of unpleasant stories.
188 My father is a journalist for the New York Times.
189 I only read the headlines, not the entire paper.
190 This magazine focuses on politics.
191 International news is hard to understand sometimes.
192 This week’s issue has a good interview with the governor.
193 I can’t afford to have the paper every day, so I only have the Sunday paper delivered.
194 Because the Sunday paper has a summary of the week’s news stories
195 as well as extra sections about style, health, books, and culture.
196 I can’t live without my morning paper. I read it while having breakfast and drinking my coffee.
197 It’s a fashion magazine. It has lots of articles about clothes and make-up.
198 I suppose that’s why they print so many different kinds of magazines, because people have such different preferences.