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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 17



Lesson 17: Sightseeing
244 Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?
245 The view is wonderful from up here.
246 Let’s go watch the sunset.
247 It’s hard to get a picture in this light.
248 The crowds spoiled the scenery.
249 The paved road up to the mountain ruined the sense of nature.
250 I want to see the desert in western China.
251 He said that the coast was beautiful at sunrise.
252 The train goes through some beautiful country.
253 Winter is the best time to visit because the snow is so beautiful.
254 Where should we go for our vacation this year?
255 I agree that Disney World is a great place for children and they would have a lot of fun, but. . .
256 It’s important for the kids to see such an important American landmark.
257 It’s very popular and they only give a limited number of tours a day.
258 Part of sightseeing is tasting new foods from different places.