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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 18



Lesson 18: Having a picnic
259 Did you pack enough sandwiches for the picnic?
260 Let’s find a spot away from the ants.
261 It’s great weather for a picnic.
262 Let’s sit at that bench over there.
263 This spot isn’t too crowded to eat at.
264 Let’s go eat out by the lake.
265 A picnic can be a romantic date.
266 I have fond memories of picnics with my parents.
267 Make sure you pick up all your trash when you’re finished eating.
268 Is there any beer left in the cooler?
269 We won’t know how much food to buy until we decide how many people are coming.
270 We should get paper plates and plastic utensils, so we won’t have to do any dishes.
271 It’s such a lovely day for a picnic.
272 I really like it when it’s homemade, not the fast food kind.
273 The day’s really nice and we should walk off some of this food.