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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 19



Lesson 19: Camping
274 We should set up camp here.
275 It’s not safe to keep food in your tent.
276 This is a good campsite.
277 Someone starts a fire to cook supper.
278 My tent is waterproof.
279 I’ll go gather firewood.
280 Does anyone have a flashlight?
281 Hunting is not allowed in this part of the woods.
282 This is a popular camping area.
283 It’s not safe to go camping by yourself.
284 I can’t believe there are so many things to buy for our camping trip.
285 Starting a fire without matches, building a shelter from wood, cooking over a campfire, and lots more.
286 I thought we were going to make our own fire with wood we gathered.
287 Well, the most obvious is that the animals will eat all our food and we’ll be left with nothing to eat.
288 The smell of the food might attract dangerous animals to our campsite.