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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 31



Lesson 31: Shame
454 You should be ashamed of yourself.
455 His behavior was shameful.
456 He has disgraced his entire family.
457 She is a disgrace to her country.
458 I feel very ashamed for what I did.
459 I want to apologize for the shame I have brought on this school.
460 He blushed with shame.
461 That man has no shame.
462 He couldn’t hide his embarrassment.
463 His shame was evident to everyone.
464 I lied to my parents and now I feel very guilty.
465 I feel so ashamed of myself.
466 I can’t believe I fell flat on my face at the recital.
467 I’m so ashamed and embarrassed.
468 I don’t think I can face my friends and family.