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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 32



Lesson 32: Threat
469 That dog is very threatening.
470 The idea of change threatens some people.
471 He was warned about a possible threat.
472 Predators were a threat to the herd.
473 His crops were threatened by the lack of rain.
474 Are you threatening me?
475 People can act violently if they feel threatened.
476 My cat is no threat to anybody.
477 This wind is threatening to become a storm.
478 His tone of voice held a subtle threat.
479 If you aren’t home exactly on time tonight, we are going to have to punish you.
480 If you come home late, then you won’t be able to talk on the phone for two weeks.
481 Give me everything or I will use my gun.
482 Don’t try to call for help until I’ve long gone, otherwise I’ll have to hurt you.
483 If you don’t work late tonight, then don’t bother coming back to work at all.