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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 34



Lesson 34: Worries
499 I’m worried about next week’s test.
500 Don’t worry about me.
501 I’m worried for your safety.
502 Your driving concerns me.
503 He doesn’t seem concerned about his health.
504 It’s nothing that you should worry about.
505 His actions have always been a worry to me.
506 This new information is very worrisome.
507 I’m a little concerned about the expense of this meal.
508 He is a real worry to his mother.
509 I’ve got some money troubles.
510 I’m a musician and I often don’t have regular jobs.
511 I’m good at English and history, but I’m really awful at the natural sciences.
512 I can’t get rid of my worries.
513 I know I’m being silly, but I’ll worry about her for the rest of my life.